Suburbia Theme – Changing colour on post headings?

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    Hi, I’m trying to change the colour of post headings use the CSS upgrade. Can anyone help? The site is

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m not 100% I know what you’re referring to, but if you mean the title for each individual post, this is the CSS you need to modify:

    #single h1.entry-title {
    margin: 20px 0pt 12px;
    color: red;

    where “red” could be any named or hexadecimal color

    for example,
    color: #215E21;

    would change your post titles to hunter green.


    brilliant, thanks. this works in the actual post but doesn’t work on the ‘home’ page where the post synopsis are displayed?




    The blog linked to your username is wearing the Twenty Ten theme. Will you please post an active link starting with http:// to the blog wearing the Suburbia theme?


    To change the color for post titles on the Suburbia home page, you can add a selector “.post h2 a” to the rule you added before. Here is an example:

    #single h1.entry-title,
    .post h2 a {
    	color: red;

    Adjust the color name or color code as necessary.

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