Suburbia theme: How to add Images?

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    I was fascinated by the newly introduced theme Suburbia.
    The demo shows lot of images along with the text.
    How to add Images to all the displayed four columns?

    The blog I need help with is



    By setting a featured image to each post.

    To do that, you click the Add Media button of the post editor and upload an image from your computer or select one from your media library, but then you click “Use as featured image” instead of “Insert into Post”.



    Is there a workaround for changing the aqua color background color behind that posts that we can use?



    You mean the hover color? Without the Custom Design upgrade, no.



    That’s exactly what I meant and I apologize for the awkwardness of my wording. Thanks for the answer.


    @justpi – Oh! thanks for giving me such a simple solution!
    Strangely I could not see this tip in Suburbia demo pages!!
    God bless!


    @justpi – I added many photos as ‘featured images’.
    Well, the photos are slightly found distorted in their sizes.
    Have I to resize the photos? Thanks!



    Yes, you must be careful with the dimensions – see here:

    By the way, a few months ago WP upset many users by changing what was allowed – see here:
    Seems they changed their mind again.



    Hi, I am experimenting with a new blog and really want to use the Suburbia theme. I am having the same problems as others with getting my post images to show up on the home page. I’ve tried resizing them to 350 wide, and also inserting as thumbnails. I made the two top sticky posts and have the format I want, just no photos! I feel like I am missing a specific piece of info…Advice welcome!



    I think I have it figured out (the adding images). Still having some trouble with distortion on the smaller ones, and can’t seem to make the cropping save. So any advice on that is appreciated. Thx


    I’m having the same problem – but the opposite. My featured posts are showing up just fine on the homepage. On the individual posts, they do not exist. I thought I would see it if it’s the post’s “Featured image”?



    setting a featured image >

    a) Thumbnail on main and category/archive pages. Dimensions 155×109 px (distorted if different).
    b) Medium sized image on sticky posts. Dimensions 350×246 px (cropped if larger, distorted if smaller).




    Still having some trouble with distortion on the smaller ones, and can’t seem to make the cropping save. So any advice on that is appreciated. Thx

    See here my comment immediately above ^

    If you want high quality images you will never rely on the cropper as using it will result in loss of image quality. Prior to uploading any image into your blog you will optimize and presize every image in either a desktop image editing software or online image editing software to fit the space you intend to use it in, regardless if it’s a header image, or an image in a post, page or sidebar. Doing that means you will also not be wasting your space for images and other media or experience any problems with images that you must troubleshoot to correct.


    None of this applies to me. My images are already selected as the “Featured images” and showing up on the homepage just fine. They are not showing up above the blog posts themselves once the post is being read.

    Am I overlooking another button somewhere that controls images as they appear on the blog entries?



    Sara, I think you have to do both…set it as a featured image to show up as the smaller piece, and then use as a regular image.

    BTW, have you figured out how to get links to show up on the homepage. I have links in my posts, and they show up after you click through to the story, but not on the home page.




    @sarapiali: kimtb is right, that’s the way this theme works. Check the demo as well:

    @kimtb: when a theme displays the beginnings of the posts on the homepage, all HTML is stripped out, so you only get plain text (no italics etc, no links, no images). If you want links and such on the homepage, you need to copy content from the HTML editor into the Excerpt module of the editor.
    If you’re not seeing the Excerpt module while on the post editor screen, click Screen Options (top right) to activate it.

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