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  1. Photos of my garage (click on post title to load photos)

    Do you think I should have a yard sale? It reminds me of the show, "Hoarders."

  2. A humourous website is authored by a famous comedian on the Comedy Central channel. He actually is doing what he says on the website. I found it to be quite funny.

  3. Crazy things I have caught myself saying to my mini-poodle.

    Humour Post

  4. Photo of how I actually parked my car one day (click on post title to view photo)

    Humour Post

  5. Humour Post, click on post title to view photo. A photo taken in my family room.

  6. Diarrhea Monday

    Humourous true story about a crazy day and a job interview that went very bad.

  7. Neighbor's house burning by arson (video and photos - click on post title to view)

  8. Love letter to my husband on our anniversary

  9. Delicious and easy recipe for Banana Parfait. Perfect to take to a family gathering.

  10. Photos I took of all of the First Ladies Dress in Washington D.C.
    Click on post title to view slideshow

  11. Photos of an amazing stack of books written by Abe Lincoln. I think it is the largest stack of books in the world. This is a wonderful historical site where Abe Lincoln was killed. If you travel to D.C. - try to go to Ford's Theatre. The stack of books is across the street from Ford's Theatre. The stack of books is as tall as the staircase you see in the photo.

  12. Lyrics from my favorite singer/songwriter, Jack Johnson

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