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  1. Are you arguing with your spouse or significant other?

  2. A simple way to not have to call a plumber for a clogged sink or toilet. This has saved me a ton of money.

    This is advice my plumber gave me, it has been very useful:

  3. Do you dandruff problems?

    A simple way to never have dandruff again. I read this in a book.

  4. Teenager that has gone rogue?

    Try this technique, it really works!

  5. One at a time, please.

  6. Aruban Swimsuit model photos - Hot!

    Thought I might make the post a little more interesting for all the men on WP.

  7. Are you making this faux pas when speaking to American women?

    Many people in America do not understand that this word really ticks off young, American women.

    You may want to read this if you are dating American women.

  8. Useless Fact #31

    Simple solution to rarely get angry with other people in your life.

    Read this in a self-improvement book. Why have I read so many self-improvement books? No idea. Most of them are not even interesting.

    Have a wonderful day!

  9. Philosophical question: Does talking actually solve problems?

    I would love to read your opinon on the subject.

  10. Horrific Road Rage Incident

    Short, but true story

  11. Useless Fact #32

    How do you know when you are an alcoholic?

    Hilarious photo

    Humor post

  12. Useless Fact #33:

    Does your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend still love you?

  13. Useless Fact #34:

    Are you a procrastinator (I am)?

  14. Did it again! The above post title has been changed as it is also offensive.
    Well, wait a minute...maybe not. Oh well, changed title and link again.

  15. Make you smile photos of my fuzzy mini-poodle:

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