Sudden change in font size on iTheme2

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    My site is
    The font size I choose to use is ‘Heading 4’. Overnight the size of the font has become larger (although it still shows it as being ‘Heading 4’).
    This now means that things I had designed to be typed on one line, now spread over onto 2 lines.
    I’ve changed some posts to ‘Heading 5’ to bring it down to the required size but it’s a hassle to do it for the whole site. (especially if it changes again for some unknown reason).
    Anyone else experienced this?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. On which page(s)/post(s) exactly is this happening?



    Hi. Thanks for the reply. It happened on the whole site including the widget area.
    I’ve changed the static page & all pages to ‘Header 5’.

    I’ve changed one post (below) to ‘Header 5’. This is how ‘Header 4’ originally looked.

    The next post below is how ‘Header 4’ looks now. (a bit bigger and it pushes some words onto a 2nd line)



    Under your Dashboard->Settings->Writing have you selected “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML”? This error looks like you have a loose H or Span tag somewhere, and selecting that setting prevents this from causing harm. If you don’t have it selected, select it and then set your blog to display one post per page (under Settings->Reading) and page back until you find the post where the error FIRST appears: the code error is in the post before that chronologically. All you have to do with that setting above selected is go into that one post, edit anything at all, and Update. Should be fixed for the whole blog.



    Hi.Thanks. I hadn’t selected XHTML so I tried what you said. The error goes all the way back top the 1st post (which is a sticky one) .. so I can’t go back to the post before it.

    I have a 2nd blog with this same theme and the same thing has happened to it too.


    Formatting some text as a heading is, well, for headings. You’re not supposed to use it just to change the font size of your content. To change the font size of a whole post or a section, switch the editor to HTML and use this code:

    <div style="font-size:120%;">

    To change the font size of one paragraph, use this:

    <p style="font-size:120%;">

    Change the percentage to adjust the size.

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