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Sudden change in tag cloud hierarchy type

  1. So I've been using the "Benevolence" theme, and the tags in my tag cloud widget had always been displayed in alphabetical order. Then today I noticed that the tags are now displayed in size order (i.e. highest number of topics first). I never changed any settings for the tag cloud widget, nor does it seem that this widget even has any custom settings.

    How can I get the tags back to alphabetical order? Or is this out of my control? If so, who controls it?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!


  2. Link to your blog?

  3. I actually like it that way. I'm sorry though that there is no option to change it at the moment.

  4. Arrggh...mine, too! Wtf? Why couldn't they leave it as it was. People do tend to look through lists alphabetically, not by size...the largest fonts and most used tags will stand out anyway, or is this some weird SEO-attempt?

  5. Interesting. (And thank goodness they left the category tag cloud alone)

  6. wtf? my tag cloud changed, too, and i can't say i like the size order! wordpress, what have you done now?

  7. Yes, I use ChaoticSoul (not that the theme matters; I'd bet that this new change affected all blogs) but I had a tag cloud and loved that it was arranged alphabetically, but sized by number of posts. Now, my tag cloud is in order of how frequently the tag is used, and there's no option to change it. Come on WordPress!!

    Could someone flag this convo or whatever you have to do, to get some wordpress staffer to see this? There really isn't any reason why they can't change it back so that we get to choose how we want the tag cloud arranged. Please!!!

    thanks wordpress

  8. This happened on my blog too. Seems a stupid way to display a tag cloud because the most used tags are already bigger, why would you need them first as well? If they are alphabetical it is much easier to find a tag you might be interested in, especially if it is small.

    Guess I gotta go look for CSS now to change it back.

  9. Mine is doing the same and I think it is so UGLY! It doesn't even look like a tag cloud.

  10. Fixed.

  11. Looks great, thank you.

  12. thank you. was that a bug, an accident or something else?

  13. woooo!

  14. riseuprochester

    Hey, maybe a couple of people liked it that way! Can't it be an option at least? Just because a few of you complained, doesn't mean that some of the millions of other users wouldn't like it!

  15. a) it wasn't even looking like a cloud anymore.
    b) it makes no sense to sort tags by size/frequency instead alphabetical order. at least not if one wants it to be user friendly.
    c) as fast as it was fixed i'd say it was a glitch in the codes and not a new feature.

  16. @risuprochester
    I made a post on my blog with a screen shot of the issue. If you like it that way, feel free to voice your opinion here, but most of all, feel free to make a suggestion in the Ideas forum. I for one don't want it that way.

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