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    I am not sure if this is a WordPress problem but lately, on many blogs I try to Like/or comment, I seem to be logged out. When I press the Like button, it asks for all the log in information. When I comment, it asks to select how I want to comment so I press the WordPress logo. This is a recent problem and I am not sure what I may have done to cause this logging off to happen. The weird thing is, this problem is not with every blog page.
    It also happens when I try to share over twitter…it says to log in again. Help!
    and Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    Really not sure about this one, but here’s a guess, as it happens to me occasionally as well… Maybe the user has their settings on comments set to ‘user must be logged in to comment’..

    So it may force the commenter to log in again to check… ?

    I’m sure there may be more idea’s on the way..



    This morning I am unable to leave a comment. For the first time ever, I am asked for my email etc, and then the whole thing disappears. If I press the wordpress logo, it doesn’t load. Why?

    It is not because the user has reset, because it is happening on at least two blogs I follow, all of a sudden. I do hope this gets sorted out soon.

    I would like to know also – why a few of the blogs I follow mutually are now marked Deleted, even though their posts are still being published in my Reader – but cannot open or read them! In one of these, (jesuswedding) I found out by chance that she had never deleted, and is still following mine. I managed to find a link to hers which worked.

    I started a thread about this at the new year, but it was unreplied – perhaps due to the season.

    Thank you!



    Additionally – I just tried to leave my reply to a comment on another blog, and was told I have to produce a Reply Token! What is going on?

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