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Sudden drop in subscriber number shown

  1. Overnight, my number of subscribers shown on the Home page has dropped from 2,967 to 133. This can't be true. Is there any other explanation?
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  2. dutchgoesitalian

    I have the same! Dropped with 530 subscribers. You need to reconnect to FB, Twitter, LinkedIn etc via Settings > Sharing > and then reconnect. My problem is that I still don't have everybody back. I'm missing my normal subscribers who don't have FB, twitter etc!
    So any help is appreciated!!

  3. Thanks for your reply. I seem still to be connected to twitter. But I can't think how over 2,800 subscribers disappeared overnight :(

  4. dutchgoesitalian

    That's just crazy. And if you disconnect and reconnect afterwards??

  5. katherinehilden

    Yesterday, Oct 2, I started updating my blog at 185 subscribers. When the post was up a few minutes later, I noticed that my subscribers were down to 25. I have two other blogs and there the numbers also dropped by 160. It's comforting to know this happened to others, too, but what caused it. Obviously, a systems problem.

  6. just to update: I deleted my computer's cache and cookies and suddenly got 1,500 subscribers back. I've still lost 1,400 but at least half are back. It might be worth trying that. Good luck

  7. katherinehilden

    My computer genius tells me that deleting cookies won't fix the problem. Rather it sounds like the large number of lost subscribers was the action of a bot (=robot) and that's probably how, a few months ago, I suddenly gained 160 subscribers. They are not real subscribers, but some number that a WordPress glitch came up with.

  8. Hello Katherine, I think you are right. it can only be due to glitches.

    Happy to report that after a few days, almost all my subscribers were back again. It's very worrying when it happens though!

  9. katherinehilden

    It happened two weeks ago, Oct 2, and my subscribers are not back. It must be a wordpress problem and not about individual subscribers.

  10. Wow, teamoyeniyi, thank you. That would appear to have been the problem!

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