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Sudden drop in the number of hits per day

  1. That sounds perfectly normal to me. What is your question?

    I agree that it's time for a coherent and publicly articulated policy. And email notifications of change of status are long overdue. But post slugs on tag pages CAN be misleading: just yesterday I reported as mature a blog that had inoccuous text and images in the first paragraph and hardcore porn in the second as a default; this appeared to be gaming things so it wouldn't be reported for how it was showing up on the tag pages. But email notification would help all sides of the issue: it would prevent befuddled and embittered bloggers wondering if no-one loves them, it would give them a very clear understanding of what was over the line, and it would enable them to choose whether to modify their posts in future and un-Mature their blogs, or to continue as a mature blog.

  2. As this latest discussion is based on vicious attacks, maybe that should be addressed first.

  3. There is absolutely no validity to the claim that people looking for erotica/sexual/mature material, who want to find each other on the tag pages can't do so. It's simply not true.Those who seek this kind of material will find it so what's all the boo hooing all about? It's about "hits".
    So let these mature bloggers who are worrying about their hits go to and get all the hits they want. There they can use direct advertising and make some pennies for what they post as well.

    I just entered the following into my browser
    I got blog results as well as more results through the following Related Tags
    # vipvoy
    # vipvoyeurthongs
    # Orgasms
    # Voyeur
    # Blowjobs
    # Amateur
    # XXX

    Next I typed http: // and again I got results.
    The related tags were:
    # sex
    # text
    # Kelsey
    # Dom
    # phone sex
    # threesome
    # Jemma
    # Tits
    # Blowjobs

    http:// I got blog results as well as more results through the following Related Tags:
    # Life
    # Relationships
    # Religion
    # rants
    # Humor
    # about
    # censorship
    # Blogroll
    # Women

    http:// I got blog results as well as more results through the following Related Tags:
    # sex
    # censorship
    # Literotica
    # WordPress
    # about
    # rants
    # Blogroll
    # Literature
    # Religion
    # Fundies

    I also explored some other tags that I'm not listing here.

    P.S. All links deliberately broken by myself.

  4. harsh reality of email notifications:

    Yes, people would know they're getting marked as mature, but that would also increase the support workload significantly. [made up statistics] Instead of a 5-10% "why am I mature!!!" complaint rate there would be a much larger rate of people complaining to support.

    It would be very useful to have a database of why blogs were labeled mature, so that when people do complain then support would easily be able to give a reason.

    Having a little spot on the dashboard that says "This blog is marked mature" might solve the disambiguation without increasing the support feedback the way automated emails would.

  5. Why could the notification process not be automated? And you can always put a "noreply" email address as the return.

    Of course people will complain when their blog is marked mature: I did myself, for good reason. But trying to sneak it under their radar is unfair. Notification is the least that WordPress owes bloggers, even really heinous ones.

  6. You'll have to excuse my bias here. Being called - among MANY other things a "Cowardly f*****r" does not exactly make me feel like I want to hear anything except from decent members of this community.

    We are considering things and in due course a decision will be made.

  7. @Mark
    I believe that the blogs of those name-callers should be summarily deleted, without notification of any kind.

  8. janiebellemcknight

    The blogs of those name callers were extremely angry for being de-listed and then ignored.

    For the record.

  9. @ janiebellemcknight
    (1) Since when did being angry about having a blog complaint resulting in the blog being labeled mature become become grounds for claiming these blogs had been de-listed? I can find them with no trouble at all as I illustrated above.

    (2) Since when did spouting profanity at staff of any business in the real world achieve any action other than being summarily escorted to the door by the management?

    (3) When and where did the meeting take place where you became elected as the "spokesperson" of the profanity spouting name-callers?

    (4) IMO the irony here is that those who had blogs that were labeled as mature (not de-listed) behaved in an immature manner and then portrayed themselves as being "poor-little-mes". Well, since when did shooting yourself in the foot become evidence of maturity?

    (5) I just visited your blog and it most certainly is "mature" so any complaints coming from yourself about the correct labeling are IMO out-to-lunch.

    @ Mark
    I believe that the blogs of those name-callers should be summarily deleted, without notification of any kind.

  10. janiebellemcknight

    That comment was mine, on my blog. I am perfectly willing to apologize publicly. I went over the deep end. I'm sorry, and I apologize, Mark.

  11. janiebellemcknight

    They have been de-listed from the category pages, and not all of the blogs that have been de-listed contained mature content or cussed out the staff, but only questioned the actions of the staff and the policies involved.

    Now, I'm finished attacking the staff, so if you're finished attacking me, can we move on to the actual issue and possible resolutions to that issue?

    I've offered several ideas on possible technical changes to the dashboard. Are any of them even feasible?

    And could you please stop editing your comment, and simply comment further down, so I don't have to keep going back to your comment to see what's changed? It would be helpful, and I'm not being nasty, it's just a request.

  12. janiebellemcknight

    I'm sure he heard you the first time, TT.

  13. janiebellemcknight

    @ editing your past comments

    I'll take that as a "no".

    Deletion of a blogger that's already upset and feels she's being censored?

    That'd be helpful.


  14. The resolution in my mind is very clear. Your blog has mature material in it. It is correctly labeled. I'm hereby willing to make a complaint myself based on the fact that your failed to live up to the ToS contract conditions by not voluntarily and properly labeling it yourself. There are no grounds for removing the mature label form your blog. You directed profanity at staff. Here's the door - out!

  15. janiebellemcknight

    Please read the actual complaints.

    The issue is arbitrary de-listing from the category pages.

    The issue is people looking for the content I have not being able to find it through the category pages.

    The issue is lack of notification on WP's part.

    The issue is no set of clear, publicly available standards.

    And for the record, my blog began carrying "mature content" AFTER the de-listing.

    Before that, there was little that would be construed as "mature content" by most reasonable people, and there certainly exists a huge pile of much more "mature content" that is still available through those category pages.

  16. Could I suggest once again that when two bloggers want to have at one another they do it on their blogs, as God intended? At some point over the past three days someone got the idea that this was the place to do that, and it's not.

    Policy suggestions and technical questions belong here.

  17. janiebellemcknight

    Policy is what I'm trying to address. Technical suggestions I have offered.

    I'm not interested in a fight with TT. I've actually always thought rather highly of her.

  18. janiebellemcknight

    There, TT. Very clearly labeled.

    Now can we PLEASE address the issues?

    The issue is no longer whether my blog contains mature material, but rather what happens to a blog once it's been labeled mature.

  19. sexinthepublicsquare

    TimeThief wrote "There is absolutely no validity to the claim that people looking for erotica/sexual/mature material, who want to find each other on the tag pages can't do so," and then gave many examples of tag searches that bring up erotic material.

    That actually helps highlight the problem: As I understand, any blog that has been "reported as mature" is not going to show up on any of those tag pages. If a blog is showing up on those tag pages it hasn't been reported as "mature."

    I disagree that this is about hits. I think this is about categorizing material in a way that makes sense and making it available to people who are looking for it in places where it would logically be found. I love blogging at precisely because it is a relatively open, because it is a community (i.e., it has its own forums, tag pages, and so on) and because it *isn't* swimming in blogads.

    I think this question of how material gets categorized is an important one for blog sites to deal with systematically and rationally and I'm glad to see that the discussion is taken seriously here.

  20. I cannot make head nor tail of WordPress. I write gay erotic sailor novels - seven published. I've had not a single hit. I cannot even add WordPress to my bookmarks. Tis one strange place this WordPress. Perhaps I'm just thick. LOL

  21. Well I guess gay erotic sailor novels are going to be a kind of limited market. :)

  22. Your Statcounter and your map counter shows you have had hits. And if you host your own site yourself, questions should be asked at the forum because our free blogs here at runs under a different software.

  23. My web is always getting hits. I was saying I was getting no hits on WordPress. I've yet to work out what it is about.

  24. And your point in posting here would be?

  25. lettershometoyou

    maybe he's trolling for sailors? or should I say trawling? ;-)

  26. writerken: is your blog hosted at If not, you need to read the thread marked Read Me First at teh top of the forums.

    If your blog is hosted here, use appropriate tags on posts and people will find you. Linking your username in these forums to a site will not help you at all; it is counterproductive in the extreme.

  27. I'll leave the trolling to you, letters. It obviously takes up a good deal of your time.

  28. Come on! You had to have seen that one coming! (so to speak)

    You still didn't answer my question.

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