Sudden drop in the number of hits per day

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    brentroos, the way you describe how “Mark mature” works is not accurate. There are checks and balances both automatic and personal. The system is not revealed because that knowledge would be abused.

    I am sorry if your blog was wrongly marked as mature, but I am not confirming that assertion is accurate. Of course, the present content may not reflect previous content.

    Hopefully, you will soon again enjoy the experience!



    I am also having a problem with stats. I use Site Meter and have had no problems until this week. Now my stats seem to be two days behind. The Site Meter on my non-WP site is working fine. My site is marked mature, but I have Site Meter count my own visits, and it’s not even ranking me as visiting, let alone people I know have visited.



    Okay well, if that is the case, what in the world motivated someone in to mark my blog as mature, when it is nowhere close to that? Is someone trying to shut me up?

    I just want to know if I need to blog somewhere else, where my right to freedom of speech will remain intact.

    I would like someone to give a single example for the reason behind marking my blog as mature. I am interested to know what I said that can be classified as mature, vulgar, or obscene.The rules of my blog clearly state that vulgarity is not permitted at all. So could someone please explain why I have been tagged as mature anyway?



    I’m concerned that you are in the support forum and crowing on the wrong fence post, so to speak. Volunteers on the forum cannot help you, however, staff can. I recommend sending in a feedback and asking staff to reconsider the label on your blog as your content does not appear to support it. I’m also recommending that your are very polite when you do that, regardless of how frustrated and angry you may feel.



    Agreed. We have no windows into the inner working of the Automattic staff’s minds on how they do stuff like this.

    Gotta admit that I do hope that language isn’t a major consideration for the tag.



    Thanks guys. I’m sure you can understand my position. There isn’t even any language which can be considered mature anyway. It has been resolved, but Mark told me that it will happen again if someone complains, which anyone can do apparently. So even if it isn’t true, my blog can be marked as mature, I guess.

    I’m not trying to offend anyone. But if someone is offended by my views (not language?) than I can be put back on this blacklist (so to speak). That sucks.

    Anyway, I’m not trying to stir up unnecessary controversy. However, I’ve been here for a long time, far longer than most of the bloggers here –since before was even made public. I do not feel that it is good practice to treat members such as myself, who have contributed significantly to the publicizing of the service here, in this unfair and unjust manner. Now I realize that is a free service, so there’s not much I can do. But what’s fair is fair.

    I’m not trying to drag you guys into this, especially you Dr. Mike, but I hope you can understand my frustration. Now I have to worry about whether or not my audience is going to see my posts because one or a couple of people happen to disagree with my position, and think it’s fun to lie about my blog in order to shut me up. There is no justice in this for me. It’s got me seriously considering leaving, which I really don’t want to do. However, I won’t be bullied into not expressing myself, because some jerk hates me.

    More than just losing pagerank and readership, it is about principle, and standing up for what I think is right.

    That is all, and thanks for listening. I hope that nobody else has to go through this.



    Great post. Thank you for contributing that; I think a lot of people will have their questions answered just by reading what’s gone on here.

    I’ve been through the same thing but my blog is a lot closer to the edge. I didn’t see anything on your site at all that would have made it “Mature” and I do not see how anyone could have investigated a complaint against you and agreed with the Mature classification. It does not give one faith in the process.



    Agreed and I seriously doubt that Mark tags blogs as mature on site. I know he and I have argued over blogs that I would call spam and he hasn’t.

    Just receiving a complaint shouldn’t be winding you up with the mature tag.



    I appreciate your guy’s positive feedback in this matter. So far, things have been okay since it was cleared up with Mark. I am not enlightened enough to know the procedure of how blogs are tagged as mature here, but I am assuming that some type of algorithm is involved, whether it be by machine, man, or both. My point is that this issue needs to be raised in order to prevent non-mature blogs being tagged as mature.

    This type of mistake does not serve justice to bloggers nor the service here at, and addressing this, hopefully will help to solve future problems by creating awareness of the issue.



    A small amount of communication, and a good dose of transparency would certainly go a long way toward easing a lot of hurt here regarding the labeling of a blog as mature. I love WordPress, and have actively sought to drag Blogspot blogger buddies here. Now, I’m considering moving elsewhere myself, depending on whether this gets resolved.

    I’ve made a few suggestions this post at Sex In The Public Square, but as I’m on the crap list right now my thoughts don’t seem to be getting any sort of response from the WP guys. Someone else want to try?

    (First time posting code in a forum comment, I think I did it right, sorry if not.)


    Thank you, whoever fixed that mess I made.




    There we go. Links fixed.

    And what is it with policy questions all of the sudden in the forums?

    2 suggestions – I have no way of knowing that you’ve responded to my comment on your blog. Emiling a copy of the reply to the commenter is always a good idea. :)

    – Next time please make your list here in the forums please. Driving traffic to one’s site is frowned upon here. (You’ll note though that I fixed and left the link)


    Hi Dr. Mike. That’s not my blog.

    And thanks for the tip. I only even found this forum through that blog, though, and since Elizabeth seemed to at least getting a cursory response from the WP guys, that’s where I responded.

    I appreciate your help.


    Well, no wonder I confused everybody. I pointed at the wrong thread.

    It’s the thread after that one, ““Protection,” “freedom,” “community” and control” where I made my suggestions.

    Sorry again.



    Oh, OK. Sorry about that.

    I gotta admit that I don’t have an issue with the mature flag in general. If you have mature content, then keeping it out of the hands of those not old enough shouldn’t be an issue.



    I fixed the links again. :)

    Gotta admit that this also concerns what Mark said a few days ago. With over 600k blogs here at, posting a complaint up on your blog and expecting staff to see it is not the way to go. I see Matt was made aware of it so it’s been brought to their attention.

    If you have an issue or a concern, send in a feedback.


    My feedback got one generally vague answer without further communication.

    As to the previous comment about mature material, no, but that’s not my issue.

    My issue is that some blogs’ content is being kept out of the hands of those that ARE old enough, and do indeed want it. Some blogs, but not all blogs.

    Also, I’m not happy with the vagueness of what constitutes “mature material”, and how much is too much? Where is the line?

    Once Matt had responded in that thread, I asked about some possible solutions that I had thought of, but have yet to hear anything back.

    Further, the original questions Elizabeth asked were sort of sidestepped, and not really answered.

    I’m also wondering why there is no notification to a blogger that they have been de-listed. Even an automatic email that says “hey, there’s a problem” would have been nice.

    Anyway, I suggested that a solution might be to put content control in the hands of the blogger who is looking for content.

    I suggested that there be an input box in the dashboard, like the one in the friend surfer. You type in the tags you don’t want to see, and no posts with that tag show up in the category pages. You come across another tag you don’t want to see anymore, you plug it in the box.

    Additionally, for further protection of those who don’t want to see my content, as well as for free access to those who do, why not a little check box or radio button, that simply filters out all blogs with any mature content on them. That way, blogs like mine are not being restricted, bloggers who are looking for content like what I provide can get it, and bloggers who don’t want to see what I have to offer won’t.

    Everybody’s happy.


    Oh, and thanks for re-pointing that link for me, Dr. Mike.

    I was posting at the same time you were, and kind of just hacked a quick answer on the beginning of my post and blah blah blah…

    Thank you, though.



    I think what some of us are still kind of stuck not understanding is why “mature” content would be kept off tag pages that would seem to be especially for “mature” content (e.g., the “erotic” tag page).

    In addition, because WordPress allows a very brief preview on those pages and so a person can pretty clearly avoid any content that they don’t want to see.

    That said, simply taking the blogs with “mature” content off the tag pages doesn’t effectively keep that material out of the hands of people who are not yet “mature” if those people want to see the content anyway because, as has been pointed out, anyone who works at it can find the content through major search engines.

    So all the policy seems to do is get in the way of WordPress bloggers finding each other on the pages where they should be able to count on finding other people writing related material. I don’t see how this can possibly be an actual goal of WordPress.

    Matt commented on the discussion in my blog that much of this came about through individual decisions and not through a strategy or policy. WordPress has been incredibly successful at attracting an interesting and very diverse community of bloggers. It seems like it is time for a coherent strategy of policy.



    My blog has been going up and down in uniques per day. I went from the first day with no hit’s the second day I got 30 then within two days it went to 80 then dropped to 30 and today is my highest with 90 it is only a 12 day old blog tho.

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