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    Ok, this is my third attempt to get a response. I have some new information this time.

    Ever since April 5th/6th I’ve lost 2/3 of my traffic and I’m back to the same traffic as I had the first months of my blog. I was recommended by a friend to run the blog’s website through Sucuri, and the result was that there was no malware, I was not blacklisted or had any other kind of problem. But it’s not a water proof investigation.

    However, I did discover SOMETHING. The other day I checked the stat for “referers” on my Blog (if readers have found it through search engines or if they clicked on urls, etc) and I noticed a couple of Facebook urls that looked strange (started with “lm.facebook”. I clicked on one of them and it lead me to a warning message. I suppose Facebook automatically discovers when something is wrong with a website, because it sent out a warning message to the readers about my blog when they try to click on an url. I’ll try to translate it (it was an automatic message in my language):

    “An error has occurred! Unfortunately there was a problem with this link:——
    Now you can proceed to the website or return to the previous site. Remember to only follow links that you can trust.”

    So this is the message that some readers must have received when trying to enter my blog. I tried to enter my blog through a link on Facebook and didn’t find any problems, and I also noticed on my stats that also other people have succeeded to enter my blog through Facebook, but clearly some readers got this warning message.

    I do NOT get much traffic from Facebook (since I don’t paste my blog urls that often) so Facebook is NOT the reason for my reduced blog traffic. Apparently my Blog isn’t perfectly safe. I wonder why?

    Is it certain that my Blog has not been reported, changed into “mature” or similar? (This has happened to me once before.)

    I hope someone will respond soon…

    The blog I need help with is

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