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    I posted to my blog yesterday and it was fine. It has been fine forever. Suddenly this morning, I made a post and there are no spaces between paragraphs. I edited it, hit “enter” to put the spaces back in, and it took them out again. I thought maybe wordpress changed the way you typed up your posts, so I hit “enter” twice (which is what one does in a word processing program, but I never had to do for my blog posts, one return was sufficient), and that didn’t work, either. Is there a sudden glitch?

    The blog I need help with is


    Open that post in the editor, select everything in the post and then from the formatting pulldown (left end of lower toolbar at top of editor) select “paragraph.” That should straighten things out for you.



    OK, it worked. However, why did I never have to do that before? That’s what’s throwing me.


    Normally when you start a new post or page, it will automatically be in paragraph mode, but there have been a couple other reports of this. It may be that staff did some tinkering with the editor, or perhaps upgraded it to a newer version. Keep an eye on it. Whenever you start a new post and put the cursor in the text area, just make sure that it says, “paragraph” on that pulldown.



    Coolio. Thanks a bunch.

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