Sudden huge jump in stats

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    Has anyone else noticed a bizarre jump in stats? Like 7/day to 70/day? The clock just changed over for today, the 16th, and I already have 70 hits, most on individual posts. I’d sure like to know why.

    The blog I need help with is



    Have you been promoting your blog in any way? It may be where the traffic is coming from. One way I see where my visitors and traffic is coming from is by looking at the referrers, what people clicked to get to my blog. I believe if people have the URL to your blog, they can enter the URL without showing up as a referred visitor. Hope this helps.


    I haven’t been, at all. It seems more like it might be automated, but there are no spam referrers.

    Could it be a WP glitch?



    Very doubtful. If you can give us a link to the blog we can take a look, but otherwise we’d just be guessing.



    Interesting. It’s not a new blog, as I expected it would be. I’m thinking that a search engine has finally properly indexed your site, probably Google. Google has been doing weird things with lately, certain blogs only. Pingbacks started showing up today as well. Something has been cleared out of the pipes, and I would expect your hits to remain high.


    Yes, very interesting. Thank you for your help!

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