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    I’ve been blogging for the better part of a year, and recently I began getting lots of hits from seemingly out of nowhere. Today alone I had over 100. Any ideas as to why, and whether the hits are legit?

    The blog I need help with is



    Okay LOL, apparently I’m not alone.

    Does anybody know for sure yet whether the influx is fake or actually reflecting real hits through other avenues, e.g. RSS feeds?



    We Volunteers only know what Staff has stated.
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    It looks like this is a very new change. We’re starting to report email subscription and feed views in your stats as referred by, hence the sudden jump.

    This feature is in its infancy, so we’ll be making adjusts to it over the next several days.


    In that case it would seem that they’re legit. Though there was that one woman who said that basically only her mom read her blog, yet she suddenly had hundreds of hits. That seems fishy. Also somebody reporting an enormous number of hits in an incredibly limited time span.

    I guess it’s possible those are kinks in the system, but at this point I’m getting the sense that nobody knows for sure what’s going on.



    I use sitemeter and have for years. If you want to install free 3rd party non-Javascript visitor tracking on your blog scroll down to “visitor tracking” on this page.

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