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Sudden Italics?

  1. All of my content is suddenly appearing in italics today. No idea why, or how to fix it. I've tired to adjust the CSS, but that has no effect.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We can't help unless you give the URL of your blog, beginning with http://

  3. While this might not be the cause, it often is, so try this:

    Go to your dashboard, scroll down the page til you see, on the left, 'Settings'. Click on Settings, then on Writing. By the 'Formatting' options, check the box for "WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically". Then go to a post, adjust one small thing and republish.

    See this:

    Another thing that sometimes causes it is pasting directly from Word, which should be done differently, see here:

  4. Your content is appearing in italics because your text widget "Quotation of the Day" includes this:
    <i>- Sonny Corleone, </b>

    Both tags need to be i, of course (or em).

  5. justpi:

    Thanks very much, that was it. Stupid error.

  6. You're welcome.

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