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    My blog has been pretty consistent at 200 to 300 hits a day. Suddenly in the last week, for no apparent reason it’s dropped right down to nearer 100. Is there any new filter, or blocking causing this?

    The blog I need help with is


    Several previous threads on this, none of which are directly related to WordPress. Apparently at least one major search engine changed their algorithm which affects results.


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    One thing, specifically, is Google Image Search. If you were getting a lot of hits from images, then this could be a reason. When one does an image search now, an enlarged image appears without actually opening a link to your site.



    Google is and always has been improving their search engine algorithms to filter out irrelevancy from the results to avoid abuse and spam. There’s a very high chance that they’ve re-indexed your website and matched it to much fewer keywords and queries which would explain your loss in traffic. I’d suggest looking into search engine optimization methods to try and see where you rank and what you can do to improve.



    I have the exact same problem. My blog is 1,5 years old and we used to get 500-650 visits per day, now since January we are getting 200-300, and the number is dropping every week. This is very strange, for there was no change in the content, but in my case, I really think is much related to the new Google Image Search view. It may be a little disappointing, but at least we now have a better idea of the actual number of visitors…



    Google image search used to show the web page behind the image but it has stopped doing that so now there is no incentive to click and visit. That’s a shame. I have a picture of Mount Vesuvius which appears at the top of the search image list and this used to direct people to the post but even though it is still there traffic has dried up. More people are stealing the image though!

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