Sudden massive rise in views, very low visitors

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    Hey there,

    I haven’t been very active lately, but happened to check in on my blog views today to see a sudden massive rise in views (3,250 today and counting) while my visitor number is only at 7. These views are coming from the US, and are from a yahoo image search. The view count is still rising as I’m posting this, pretty steadily.

    Seems very odd to me, and just wondering what is causing it? Is anyone else experiencing this today?

    The blog I need help with is



    Visitor number stats are displayed with a delay more than views have.

    “You may also notice that your visitor count lags behind your views count. This is due to the way we are currently crunching the numbers. Typically a view is reported within five minutes, while it can take up to two hours to report new visitors.”



    Yes, I had already read that page before posting, and that information doesn’t actually help me.

    Thursday, January 31, 2013
    Views: 3,602
    Visitors: 8

    Views per Visitor: 450.25

    It’s now a different day, and the visitor number didn’t rise like the views did, so something is definitely weird.



    Still no answer here?


    I had the same thing happen just last week. And it was from a Yahoo Image search to a post from last year. I went and did the search, finding my post the same way it said it was searched for. However, there is no way I had 2700+ views to that one post, with only 20 visitors. Can anyone else explain this??



    I tagged this thread for Staff to examine your stats. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.


    @timethief I just subscribed to this. Thank you!



    You’re welcome.



    Can they examine mine while they’re at it? :)



    christinapertz1 and gwenniie, the massive amount of views came from Yahoo Image Search. It looks like their search bot had a glitch, which can happen sometimes.

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