Sudden massive stats rise?

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    I’ searched for this here in the forums already, but I couldn’t find something to really match my question.

    I suddenly experienced a massive rise in my stats. My views suddenly increased to 150 in a period of about 10 minutes, but I did nothing to promote it, and the viewer count stayed the same, no referrers, and all the views were in the homepage.

    What could have caused this? Could it be someone wanting to access my account?

    Thanks very much!

    The blog I need help with is



    The stats page is a bit behind sometimes. Wait a couple of hours and see if something shows in referrers.

    It’s not a security risk even if someone is trying to hammer your site with hits. We had one blog here that had 145 million hits in two days and didn’t go offline for a second. Security is good here and nobody can interfere with your blog just by hitting it repeatedly here.


    Thank you very much for your answer! And 145 million?! Wow.
    No referrers or viewers showed up, so I’m still wondering what could’ve caused it. Any ideas? This is so weird..



    I really hope this isn’t bothersome but, I too have experienced not so much a “massive influx” of hits as much as my site numbers are decreasing at a nonacceptable rate. It seems to me that ever since views/visitors was launched first my hits took it for about 33% and then approximately two weeks later an additional 33% are off; so my blog is now receiving approximately 67% less hits. Any suggestions?



    I’m terribly sorry but I feel the following information is better to have and I originally forgot it; so here you are: During the same period as mentioned above the offset is astronomical. I have received more “Followers” on two sites and on one other I was congratulated with a badge of 1,000 “Likes” in a days period. So at the one time I’ll receive that 100 people received my blog today, however, none of this shows up in the stats. I’m totally confused!

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