Sudden Odd Spike in Traffic

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    Tonight I have seen a sudden HUGE increase in traffic on my site. Most days I have in the area of 30-40 hits and suddenly tonight I already have 230+. Can you see from your end if there is something strange happening? Increased traffic is my goal and it is fantastic if it’s real : ) Just not sure why today it would have spiked this degree. Any help is appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    Is it possible someone publicized your blog and you didn’t realize it? The other day I suddenly had what seemed like a ton of traffic, and it was because a more established blogger had linked to my blog in a tweet. I had no idea until one of the visitors commented and said “i came here because of so-and-so’s tweet”


    I don’t know? That’s a great point, but I’m not sure if that happened or who it would be. I wonder if there is a way to find out. I don’t have any new comments and my site stats are only showing the number of hits to the homepage and posts… no referrers or links from which they are coming. My facebook fan page isn’t showing any odd increase like the site is either.

    Thank you for your thoughts… if you think of anything else please send it along.



    We had exactly the same issue – sudden flurry of referrers from WordPress that didn’t show up in our daily views. We’ve been averaging around 75 views a day then all of a sudden had hundreds of referrals from WP, then back to normal (ie no WordPress referrers).
    I did get a message from someone at WordPress saying that there were some new plans for measuring traffic – as they’d been under-reporting traffic for some time. I guess we might here more next week when they’re all back – hope so.



    I believe the WP stats have reverted, but it COULD be this:



    The main thread about the WP stats saga is here


    I’ve had the same thing happening to me … one day it’s 50, the next it’s 1200!! woah! It could be other sources… but hey.. strange not knowing. cheers



    Thanks for sharing! It would be great to hear that traffic is higher than we’ve all thought it’s been. I looking forward to hearing something soon.



    You’re welcome and I’m also looking forward to a complete explanation as are many others. :)

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