Sudden problem with statistics counting

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    I have got a problem with counting statistics on my blog
    Since about one month there are wrong counting – ex. 100 people visited my article and statistics show, that there were just 5 visitors. I ve got facebook pixel and fb statistics which shows how many people just click in link, I get huge feedback from people about post and statistics show that there were just few people (like 6 or 15). Also statistics on my blog start to show lower number of unique visitors (its about 10-20 times less than general visits). Please help me to fix it.
    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is


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    The blog I need help with is


    Hi Dominika,

    These are a couple of reasons that could explain the visitor numbers:

    1. If visitors are accessing your site from the Reader, then these visits are not counted in the stats.
    2. In the Reader, visitors can like and comment — neither of which are counted.
    3. stats aren’t updated in real time, but updated periodically throughout the day. Which means that when you are checking your visitor numbers, the stats may not have updated yet.

    However, if you feel these don’t explain it, please contact Jetpack using the form on this page:

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