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Sudden spike in views from

  1. My blog is only three weeks old so I don't expect mahoosive viewing numbers, but yesterday and today have been the best yet. Included in today's overall 133 views so far, are 73 for yesterday's post, and 56 of them come from the referrer "".

    Where are these unnamed wp views from? Is it some automated wp staff program doing something?

    This is probably very obvious to you who know your way around here. Sorry for my noobness. :)

  2. When you have a post that is popular within a category that is on the front page, it will be shown there. The actual ranking method is kept a secret but it seems to have to do with new content that has some number of page views.

    I had a post on the front page as a "Hawt Post" long enough yesterday to get 29 views from it.

  3. PS - If Matt does not like the topic of your blog - he will ban it from showing up in the listings for hot topics, blog of the day listings and such things.

    He has done that to several of mine because he says "they are not interesting" even though thousands of people visit them every day.

  4. It could also be you're in Fastest-Growing blogs.

    Check here:

  5. This is what is on the front page right now. It seems to change often.

    3,611,381 blogs with 232,000 new posts today.
    Preferred Language:
    Hawt Post
    More »
    Euro Championships Day 3 - Gibbs Out, Mérida Scores

    [image] Day three of The UEFA European Under 19 Championship’s got under way this afternoon, with all the teams involved playing the final games of the Group A and B.
    [» Young Guns ! «]
    News Departments
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    In Business
    Some Ice Cream For Your Love?
    In Cars
    Things we want: BBC improvements to F1 Grand Prix
    In Health
    Chicken, Chicken Limbo
    In Entertainment
    The Life of a Dopeboy...
    In Religion
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    Caramel Ginger Shrimp
    In Travel
    Rolling out the Welcome Mat
    In Science
    ICE 2008

  6. @raincoaster you have to be pretty high in BOTD to get on the front page for any length of time.

    #8 on BOTD only got me 70 page views from

    If people are reading and then the referral comes from there. It has to be on to show a referral from there.

  7. Let's see if this does anything for your traffic over the next few days:

  8. Thanks for your replies. I'm not on the Fastest-Growing list, and can't see my post on the front page. I don't know where they're coming from, but they're still coming - four more since I posted this question! :D

    Oh well, at least I know this is real people and not some bot, which was my initial thought.

    Thanks again.

  9. Thank you, quotes!

  10. OH!!! I'm on the front page!

    Wow. Humble feelings flooding me now.

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