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    I never thought I’d be complaining about this, BUT…my stats seem way too high. This will put it in perspective: for a week or so, I was keeping my fingers crossed that I’d break 200 hits (please don’t laugh); I did that on 10/26, with 213, which seems about right. On Saturday, 10/27, this number increased to 334, and on Sunday it was 544. My weekend stats typically go down. This morning, I’ve already had 435 views.

    In the past two days, I’ve had 416 hits on an old post, and higher than usual stats on some other old ones. Either I’ve got an anonymous PR agent, or something’s going on. Any ideas? Thank you.


    Help! Really— something’s not right here. How can I go from 120 views to 730 in a week? 497 views on one post today. Can someone shed some light? Have I suddenly become so freakishly popular overnight? Are that many people interested in an old post on Amy Winehouse? Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I really do think something weird is going on.



    Volunteers answering forum questions cannot shed any light at all on what’s happening with your stats. We do not have backend access to blogs, only staff do. :)
    If they do not post an answer into this thread then you can contact them during support hours 9-5 PM on weekdays by using this link



    I’m having exactly the same issue. It’s been going on for about the past three or four days. WordPress picks up large volumes of hits however, I also use SiteMeter and am not getting the same response there. Prior to four days ago, WordPress stats and SiteMeter stats lined up on page views. Looking forward to some insight on this issue. Thanks!



    All I can do is suggest that you check Technorati; if there are incoming links from other blogs, it’ll show up there faster than in your Incoming Links section, in all likelihood. Both Technorati and Google recently made changes that have boosted WP blogs.

    We have in the past had a case where someone with an autopinging service was using a blog as the subject in a demonstration and his hits shot through the roof, but he was getting a hundred extra per hour, so I don’t think this is the case here.


    Thanks, TimeThief. I did try to contact Support this morning, but it said that they were closed. I guess I was trying too early. Sent them an e-mail just now.

    Raincoaster, I didn’t see anything unusual in my links (if I searched it properly). Good information, thank you.



    Also, if you’re suddenly getting emailed all over the universe, it won’t show up on your referrers or links. That’s the only other thing I can suggest, but no matter what, if they’re real stats, there should be an increase in Sitemeter and other offsite stat recording programs. Very strange, and it can’t be that WP is suddenly counting your own visits because even I don’t make that many visits to my blog in one day!


    I didn’t know anything about Sitemeter until you mentioned this, but I’m on there now. Thanks! This is driving me nuts– I was so excited, until I realized that there’s no way this could be legit. Hopefully, support will help clear up the mystery.

    I only check my stats 500 times a day– not 1000 :)



    I experienced huge increases in stats in my environmental blog when someone or something I had written on previously suddenly became “news worthy” again. This could explain why your older Amy Winehouse post saw so much recent attention Google search news Amy Winehouse
    So when you see a single post become “hot” start searching and don’t be surprised when you find something like this. :)


    Thank you, Time Thief!!! You may have solved the mystery here! I did a Google Search on Amy Winehouse yesterday, but not a Google News search. Made all the difference in the world– lots of new stuff about her there. I’m still going to hold my breath before doing the happy dance about my stats until I hear from Support, but in the meantime, thanks again!



    There are over 20 pages of Google news articles on Amy today. She’s a hot news subject right now. So I recommend that you do a new “Amy” post yourself and link to your first post in it. ;)



    My blog have average 500 visits a day. Highest visit is 900 per day! Minimum 135 visits a day :(



    why doesn’t your problem happen to me? :p
    if it is too much of a problem, just holler, i will take the hits for you no problem! :D



    As I have said before: A major problem with stats is where they go down. A MINOR problem with stats is where they go up.


    Thank you everybody. Lesson learned. Amy Winehouse’s pain is apparently my blog’s gain. I’ll do my happy dance for a little while, knowing that my stats will soon plummet. Still lots to learn here, and I appreciate the education very much!

    Don’t be envious, Netty. I preferred my slow, consistent increase. Now I have no place to go but down!



    I’m glad to hear that I cleared up the mystery and the issue has been happily resolved.



    Ah Ha! I figured out finally what’s going on with the discrepancy between WP stats and SiteMeter stats. People who find my blog through WP tag searches and search engine searches show up on my WP stats and people who most likely have a bookmark to my main page show up on SiteMeter. No sure why people viewing from WP tag searches don’t show up on SiteMeter though. Still rather strange.

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