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    A few days ago, i had some blank posts with my zencoach id appearing in my blog. Continued for 3days. I sought help. Was advised to change password. I did 2 days ago and this stopped. Since that time my viewership stat dropped from about 100 a day to 5 for 2 day on a full day 24 hour basis. Is there is something going wrong with WP.Com set up? I have not changed anything at all, except to link my blog to FB, LI, Twitter etc,where they appear still. Please help. thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    Sounds like a spammer got into your blog and was trying to post malicious code. That’s what the blank posts were: he was putting code in but our security features stripped it out. He was also clicking back to see the posts repeatedly, to judge if his handiwork had caused anything malicious. Since it didn’t he probably kept tweaking the code and checking again and again and again. Now that you’ve locked him out by changing the password, you’re safe from him and he’s not bothering to check.

    A good lesson in always having good passwords.


    A good rule of thumb: If you can remember the password, it is too easy.



    Also look at your Users and make sure the stranger did not give themselves an account on your blog.

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