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Suddenly, can't add photos.

  1. I keep getting an error message. And yet they are there in the gallery. Anyone else? And I just had my memory updated here two days ago.

    Anyone else?

  2. Anyone? Please advise. I'm up to my eyeballs in computer ghosts! d.

  3. spottedhorsechick

    I too am having problems loading photos. When I click on "Add Image" my screen goes to grey tones and a narrow rectacular box appears and then nothing elses happens.

  4. What is the error message your receiving?

  5. Same problem... Could load images a few days ago but not anymore... Don't waste your time loading Firefox, doesn't work either, refreshing the Cache doesn't work, rebooting doesn't work and my images are jpegs and not screen shots so copying a URL is not an option. Lots of folks having problems loading images right now so I'm guessing WP has some sort of internal problem that they will hopefully fix soon.


  6. spottedhorsechick

    No error message comes up at all, screen just goes grey with scrolling bar across the middle. It has been about a week - any ideas?

  7. This is happening to me too tonight :(.

  8. I never had this problem before, but sometime the flash add photo didn't display right so I try to use the manual add photo feature rather then flash when it's not working right.

  9. Error messages are important - we might be able to help if you tell us what they say.

  10. In my case there are no error messages. Everything is normal, until I click add image to post, then there is an empty box that just stays the same until I close it, but no photo is added to the post.

    How do I use the manual add photo feature?

  11. I figured out how to insert the photo manually: I copied the url from the "add media" section, and used that in the window that pops up when you select the add image button (sorry I don't know the correct names for everything). Anyway that worked! So maybe it's a flash problem I guess?

  12. I was about to get to it, and you have figure out. Anyway, this is what i do. I think the flash problem might the the browser version problem

  13. In which case, we need to know the browser version you're using and post it when you report the problem.

  14. what is the error msg code they gave u?

  15. I have version 2.5 installed on my server. I had some trouble adding images too... Then I found several people with the same trouble. They sent me over to to update my flash. Turns out that the permissions on my shockwave and flash were mangled and had to be changed.

    I ended up having to tear out flash, shockwave, and activeX and reinstalling them. Now everything works well.

    This thread should help with this problem: It helped me a lot.


  16. I could not add photos for about 2 hours. Shut computer off and rebooted. Works like a charm now.

  17. It's nothing to do with internet explorer, the flash version you are using, your cache, turning on or off your computer or swapping to firefox. The problem is that the image uploader upgrade is a lemon and has been from day one. They know it hasn't worked for weeks but still are blaming the browsers or anything else except the uploader. C'mon guys, time to swallow pride and revert to old code which worked every time. I'm going to start posting every day with a count of how many days the image loader hasn't worked. Isn't it months now? I am heartily sick of having to use a workarounds or to faff around restarting the computer or clearing the cache all the time, which doesn't work anyway. Time to scrap it and start again. Enough is enough.

  18. I'm glad that it isn't just me! I've only just imported my blog from Blogger, having successfully used WordPress for my work blog. I think I'll be going back to Blogger if this isn't sorted soon.

  19. Well, it's a relief to know it's not just me who can't get the photos to upload but, all the same, it's pretty annoying.

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