suddenly can’t save

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    auto saves have stopped, everytime i try to save my post it warns me that if i navigate away from this page i’ll lose my edits
    what gives?



    This has happened before. No idea why, but here’s a workaround:

    Before hitting Save or Publish, click within the box and Select All (control A) then copy it all (Control V) Then, while everything is still highlighted, click Publish. For some reason that works.

    Also, if anything goes wrong you still have the whole thing, including formatting, on your clipboard.




    What web browser do you use? What is the browser’s version?


    raincoaster — funny workaround! i do that everytime before i hit save anyway b/c i’ve lost too many posts in the past. Great minds, what, what.

    Foolswisdom — I realised sometime last night that I should have provided more info. I was working in firefox and the problem started after I did a spellcheck, so I’m assuming that it has something to do with some funky java or something… I ultimately was able to publish the post b/c I had “copied all” and pasted it into an editor window in IE.
    It worked, but boy was I freaked out for a second.
    Thanks guys!

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