Suddenly having layout and display issues?

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    I was working on my blog today and suddenly began having various display issues, seemingly out of nowhere. My home page now displays ALL posts, and the setting for number of blog posts to display on the home page has vanished from my dashboard.The background of the Vigilance theme now displays only at the top of the blog, and disappears at the first post, causing the entire blog to just “float” in space. The credits for The Theme Foundry and now float on top of the entire blog, rather than being static at the bottom where they belong. Finally there is an intrusive smiley emoticon on the widgets bar, which never existed before.

    Clicking on a post (i.e. ) shows how the blog is supposed to look. Background is in place, smiley is gone, and credits are at the bottom.

    These issues just randomly appeared on the home page about thirty minutes ago. What’s going on?

    Thank you for your help

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    See what I said about your theme in this other thread (you may not be happy).



    On my vigilance blog, that’s not the only problem. The background colour — which was previously only on the sides, so to speak — now floats over the entire page and makes the text invisible. Only on the blog’s main page, though, if you click on individual posts, all seems ok. Chosen colour (purple) in background, white where the text is.

    What’s this about? A temporary glitch?

    (I will have to change background colour to white immediately, because the blog’s main page is unreadable. Thus you won’t actually see the problem I’m speaking of it you look at the blog. But it used to be, and I still want it to be, background purple, not white.)



    Thanks so much for your prompt response! Actually glad it really is something that just happened today, and nothing I did, though it is extremely annoying. Seems bizarre that the background borders no longer work correctly, and that they’ve removed the setting for number of blog posts… And what’s up with that smiley and the floating credits? I don’t mind giving credit to the designer, but it has to be in my face like that? Irritating.

    Do you know if upgrading to customizable themes would allow rectification of these problems? I’ve been wanting to edit my CSS for a while now and have been considering the purchase. But it does seem some (all?) of these things will be out of the realm of CSS customization.

    May be time to look for a new theme. Imagine many people will be migrating away now.



    Sorry to burst in here, there was, apparently, another more relevant thread for my problem:

    Though I guess the issues are connected…


    Staff are aware of the background issue and are working on a fix for it.

    The smiley has always been there, it is part of the stats system here.

    The floating annoyance at the bottom of your site is part of the infinite scrolling and cannot be removed. It is not allowed.

    With few exceptions, all themes here will have infinite scrolling. It has nothing to do with premium or anything else.

    Read the link I gave above. The only way to get around the infinite scrolling is to switch to a theme that has footer widget areas.



    Yeah, I see that it’s a problem for everyone. One would think they’d test these things before applying them universally. Extremely sloppy work there.

    Guess we’ll have to wait till they’re done screwing up the theme to see if these horrifyingly useless and ugly changes can be reversed.



    Thank you for information, thesacredpath. I’m not too fond of the infinite scrolling, but I can (just about) live with it. Unreadable text, however, is a serious imediment…!



    Hi everyone,

    Just a heads up that the issue is now fixed.


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