Suddenly, Home page content is missing!

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    I returned to continue building my site this morning after the weekend off, and all of the content from my home page is missing! I’m using the Debut theme, so it used to have a Hero Slider and featured posts area, but now the Home page looks just like any other “page page,” displaying just the title “Home” and my footer, nothing else.

    I have my settings correct in the Settings > Reading Settings > Front Page Displays section (set to “static” and the page defined as “Home”). I haven’t lost any of the actual posts or categories, it just seems like all of a sudden, my home page is just formatted to be like any other page. So where did all my content go?? And more importantly, how do I get it back??

    Sorry I can’t show you the site, but it’s for work and not officially sanctioned yet… Please help! Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    Help? I can invite you individually to see the private page if you think you may have a fix, I just can’t post the link. Thanks again!


    We can’t help without a link to the site you are talking about.



    The site is set to private because it’s not ready yet, but I invited you to be a viewer! Thanks!


    I still need a link to the site. Volunteers can’t see the URL you selected when you created your thread here.



    Go back to settings > reading and set your site to show your latest posts on the front page (assuming you want your posts to show on the main page). If that is not what you want, then explain what you are trying to accomplish.


    Your posts right now show under the “blog” tab.



    Ok, that’s not what I was trying to do, but I think I figured it out!!

    It seems that somehow, my “home” page’s template got switched from the “Home” template to the “full-width” one. Now I feel silly for not thinking of this before, as it was exactly the problem I was describing!

    Thanks again so much for your time and effort!


    Not a problem and you are welcome. Glad you got it sorted out.

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