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Suddenly, I can't post a comment to my own blog

  1. I've tried to answer a person who left a comment, but when I write it and hit save, nothing happens. Here is my blog.

  2. I just left a comment without issue on your blog using Netscape 7.1. What browser and OS are you using? Please check the Akismet queue to see if it maybe got caught in there as well.

    Do note that I edited your link again and removed the 'www' bit as it is incorrect and breaks the link for 30% of the net as well as most search engine spiders.

  3. I am using firefox and xp64. I will check Akismet, whatever that is.

  4. I've got a visitor that is emailing me as he can't leave comments. He has tried 4 times during the last 24hrs. I can leave a comment using Firefox or the latest version of IE...just wondering if this is a wider problem only affecting certain users?

  5. We are beginning to see isolated cases. We have heard nothing from staff so we have no idea if it is wide spread or not.

  6. False alarm...the Askimet spam catcher thing was just being a bit overzealous. This is the first time its caught legit comments, maybe its been updated or something.

  7. Thanks for letting us know the outcome.

  8. I've run into that problem myself twice; it's not a big deal once you know what it is, but it's still unnerving! :-)

  9. I can't leave a post on the main 38pitches website. I try to click on "Leave a Reply," but there's no "finger," allowing me to click and get to a place where I can write. Can someone email me specific instructions on how to leave a general comment for Curt (and anyone else) to read? Thanks. SueSox [email redacted]

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