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Suddenly Lots of Spam in Comments Moderation Queue and Incoming Links

  1. I have suddenly been finding quite a bit of spam in my moderation queue. In the past, I'd find something in there only very rarely and only one thing at a time. I just deleted five spams in my comment moderation queue!

    Also, on the new dashboard, the incoming links are pretty much nothing but spam and have been ever since the changes. In the past, the incoming links were always legitimate incoming links.

    There was nothing different or unusual about the spam in the moderation queue such that Akismet might not have recognized it-- it was all gambling/casino spam.



  2. I noticed a couple of spams getting through Akismet today, so I marked them as spam and deleted them. It won't take long before Akismet recognizes them.

  3. Link fixed - Friendly reminder that the 'womenspace' bit takes the place of the 'www'. They don't coexist. If you make a link with both of them, about 30% of the internet would not be able to follow the link.

    Second friendly reminder - Some of us deal with 1.3 million spams a day. Consider yourself lucky. :)

    The incoming links are provided by Technorati. Staff has no control over them and, considering that it's Technorati, Technorati don't either. There's a large number of threads here covering how many issues they have.

  4. Aren't the incoming links from Google Blogsearch? I'm noticing virtually zero overlap with my Technorati-reported links. And Google must have switched something about a week or week and a half ago, as things like comments on Gawker that used to be counted suddenly stopped being counted.

  5. Are they from Blogsearch? I must be thinking regular WPMU. drmike needs coffee and cute sexy redheads. Not enough of either. Been long day. Filing complaint with ICANN and about 103 domains being revolked, including and as being squater sites. Wonderful day. :(

  6. @drmike
    *groan* I'm so sorry you're having such a rotten day :(
    P.S. newbie question - and a "squatter site" would be?

  7. A squatter site is one that takes advantage of a brief lapse in the registration of a domain name to essentially blackmail the webmaster into paying far above the cost just to get the name back. It seems someone has mistaken Dr Mike for a squatter.

  8. 103 times over. :(

    Quick mention that the Akismet blog mentions that they had a bug that they dealt with recently.

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