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Suddenly my "AddThis" button is not working

  1. and won't let me post my posts to Facebook. I can "add this" to Twitter, but only my most recent post, and no other.

    I have posted on the "bug page" at Add This earlier today but I am not getting a response. Anyone here have any thoughts or suggestions? Myself and others have had no problem sharing my posts in the past.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello: scenthive,

    Add this doesn't play well with
    if you have a windows based computer I recommend
    using Get Social bookmark bar.

  3. I have a MAC.....any MAC suggestions?

  4. Mac Users have used this code Hack

    Add this and Get Social and the code Hack is what is
    available here at Also their is the Digg button.

  5. Sorry for the double post, my original post sat here for 20 hours until someone (you) finally answered so I figured if I rephrased the title, more people with ideas would respond.

    Thanks for the links! I am totally not getting what they are talking about though. Maybe I need to eat some dinner and give it another look :-0

    Not sure why ADD This isn't working when it did before though.

  6. That's okay, Some of the Add This code usually gets stripped by WordPress
    the editor that's why Add This doesn't get along with the WordPress software.

  7. I actually figured it out via Raincoaster

    I got the buttons, and it looked great, and got to the point where it said "You post was successfully added to Facebook" or whatever it says...but it didn't post.


  8. Did you replace the URL with your article link ? (permalink)

  9. I did that.

    But, I found something much easier and works!!

  10. Thank you for posting this helpful link I will bookmark the site
    for future reference. = )

    [Closing thread and marking resolved since solution was found T3CK]

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