Suddenly my homepage is basically blank???

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    Help! I just posted and although the post has gone out successfully to subscribers, the post didn’t go through on my own home page and it’s basically blank–including my usual theme.What’s going on here?

    The blog I need help with is



    Scroll down; the content is there, but your posts are REALLY messed up. This looks like a situation where you’ll have to implement the solutions here:

    It’s a cumulative type of error, most often caused by copy/pasting which leaves unclosed tags around. They add up until they suddenly break your blog, as you have seen. To avoid this, always paste as plain text and add formatting later.



    That’s (email redacted) right?
    Just making sure.



    @raincoaster they are called Kool Aid Drinkers – many even joke about their unthinking – an epidemic of them down here – characterized by irrational fear – physical similarities are a ring in the nose so their Billionaire owners can more easily lead them around – they vote against their best interests also – you are lucky up there



    Hi lpskins,

    It took a little while to figure out but you had some stray HTML tags in the post Cheers to so many things that was messing up the format of your blog. Probably a copy & paste error like Raincoaster mentioned earlier. I removed those tags and things seem to be back to normal.

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