Suddenly suscribed to "newsletter" from a blog that moved away from wordpress

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    the situation is at follows:
    I suscribed to a blog via wordpress a while back. Suddenly I started getting mails everyday from that blog. When I checked it out it doesn’t seem to be hosted by anymore (there is advertising on it etc.)

    I am quite sure that I never gave them my emailadress (as in suscribed with it at their blog) (it says they have over 10k suscribers currently) – I tried to unsuscribe, even got a confirmation but I am still getting the mails.

    How did they get my emailadress? is it possible to export followers once you leave wordpress (with their emailadresses?)

    Hope somebody can shed some light in this situation.

    The blog I need help with is



    If you Subscribed, the blogger doesn’t have your email address but WordPress does, so it’s automatically sending you the emails for which you subscribed. If you want to stop them, scroll to the bottom of the email and there’s an unsubscribe link.


    as the blog is no longer hosted by (it was in the past) these emails suddenly come from a yahoo adress.

    the whole situation is a little weird because I am quite certain I never gave them my emailadress … – well I will mark them as spam from now on, but thanks for the confirmation that they can’t have my emailadress from wordpress …


    Did you ever leave a comment in that blog? If so, that’s the way they’d have got your email address. If they’ve added you to a newsletter that you didn’t ask for you have two options. One is to block them in your email as you’ve chosen to do, the other is to contact them and ask them to remove you – but if they’ve done it without asking you any way, I don’t suppose they’ll be too interested.

    This happened to me a year or so again, and I immediately blocked them in my email.


    Typo in my response: ‘a year or so ago’ not ‘a year or so again’. Sorry.



    If you were an email follower as opposed to a “” follower then your email is visible on the stats page – it sounds like they copied your email address to their Yahoo mail account (done one at a time as there is no export feature) –

    the other option but I don’t know the details would be if they had a Feedburner subscription system they could have moved their Feedburner feed to the new blog.



    PS: I stand corrected on the export – there is an “export as csv” option –


    it could be very well that I commented on the blog – I figure that this is it as I definitely wasn’t an email follower – thank you everyone for clearing that up for me!

    “Nice” trick to get a nice number of adresses for a newsletter once moved away from wordpress ;)

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