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Suddenly underlined text

  1. Suddenly, some of my texts, titles and dates of the posts are underlined... but not really, because if try to Edit them to fix them, they seem ok.
    I only happens in the main page, the rest of pages look fine...

  2. Sorry, I fogot to say that my blog theme is Freshy by Jide (just in case is important...)

  3. Hi,
    If you gave us the link to your blog then it would be easier to help you because we can see what you are talking about.

    Usually when this happens on the front page it's because you have used underlining somewhere in a post and then forgot to close the tag.

    Let me know what you see, maybe it's got something to do with my cookies....

  5. your blog must be set to private because I can't see it.

  6. The URL that was posted includes the period at the end of the sentence. Here is the clickable URL:

  7. sorry, I slipped a dot at the end of the url....

  8. It is possible that the problem is in your "Maravillas de la ingenierĂ­a moderna" article.

    The images appear to be underlined and for some reason it seems the </u> tag doesn't exist somewhere there. If you see, right after the photos, the underlined text starts.

    I would recommend you to check that specific article and see if all your text is properly formatted. Check the photos part, that might be the problem.


    Edit: It seems you fixed it already. Nice!

  9. thank you, thank you, thank you..... I've selected all the items in the article (photos and text) and I have removed the underline everywhere... It worked!! Thanks again

  10. You were writing at the same time I was editing my post. Glad it worked for you :)

  11. Same is happening to my blog... Bonsai Kid

  12. I answered you in the other thread. Please only post once about the same issue.

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