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  1. Um. I feel funny asking this, but it's really suspicious.
    For the last week or two I've been bombarded with tons of spam--hundreds of comments every day. (My count went from 4000 to 6000 in just one week!)

    Now, for the last two spam at all. Nothing. No offers to enlarge or reduce any body parts, and no hot stock tips. Nothing.

    I'm suspicious. Am I the only one?

  2. My first blog was like that last night too. Haven't checked today though. But it's being worked on:

  3. I didn't pay attention yesterday, but today, no spam whatsoever... :))

  4. It seems like they are working on a different askimet problem, that of scooping up real comments as spam, and then disappearing them.

    If I didn't suspect some real comments were going away with the spam, I'd be really happy.

  5. The usual number of real comments seem to be getting through, but I too have had no spam for over 24 hours now. Most unusual. Is this is fact cause for celebration?

  6. I believe there's a sticky on the issue.

  7. as I mentioned before...*cough* looks like it's a different issue they are working on.

    I'm wondering if the fix for issue one is causing this other issue. Which, if askimet stops scooping up real comments, is fine by me!

  8. I believe you may want to read the posts on the second page of the thread.

  9. I did. They are talking about comments being marked as spam, or a few comments going into spam and not being able to be rescued--but not the sudden, total cessation of spam.
    I can still see the askimet pages, but there isn't anything being marked as spam.
    That's different than the problem on page 1, where comments were posted and *poof* went into nowhere land. But I still had plenty of other spam.

  10. Same story here: for the last two spam at all. Nothing.

    I'm used to a 300-400 spam count a day. A couple of hours ago the 'akismet spam' tab suddenly showed a large figure. I clicked the tab: nothing. "You have no spam currently in the queue. Must be your lucky day." Re-clicking the akismet-spam tab set it back to '0' - weird.

    I doubt whether it's our lucky day: there is something seriously wrong with akismet on many blogs - in addition people mailed me to to complain that their comment never appeared...

    I'm glad the Tech Team is trying to solve this issue, but "This topic is not resolved" appeared on Aug 8, that's 20 days ago.

  11. Zero Spam here, too. Strange. I usually have 300 Spam to delete every couple of hours or so. For two days: Akismet-caught Spam = Zero.

  12. 62 Spam just showed up! The Akismet counter didn't change, but the queue is filling again. Ahhhhh...

  13. For those of you with spam envy, I can send you some of mine.

  14. We found an error in the logic that was causing spam comments not to be displayed. They were all being collected, but just not displayed on the page correctly. Don't worry -- all of your spam is there for you to look through. We are currently working on the issue with the spam counter. I will update this thread once it is resolved.

  15. Thanks, Barry! Who knew getting Akismet Spam would be a sign of good blog health? SMILE!

  16. well, a few mosquitoes and biting flies are a sign of wetland health..... :D

    Thanks Barry. I'm (sort of) looking forward to seeing what I've been missing.

  17. Spam just got back into my spam box. Not that I like spam, but at least, but it looks more normal than no spam at all LOL

  18. The spam count should also be fixed now.

  19. YAY!

    @Barry & Demetrius
    Thanks for working your backsides off all weekend and getting hardly any sleep at all. We do appreciate your service and we do wish you well. :)

  20. Indeed, I have "jello gloryhole Lexus nipples" comments again!


  21. @membracid
    off topic: your blog is really cool I'll be linking to it from one of mine. :)

  22. *blush* thanks!

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