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    I’d like to see this as a widget as well



    If you don’t communicate with staff your “support” will not be evidenced.


    Hi. I’d love to have a too. My favourite would be the “favourite-songs at all”-charts.



    I LOVE Last.Fm. I just tried to ad the code to my side bar and it didn’t work. Is there anyone that can make this happen that reads this posting area? Or are we really just talking amongst ourselves?



    Have you read the posts above your own?
    Have you sent your feedback in to staff?

    If you don’t communicate with staff your “support” will not be evidenced.



    I already did contact the staffs a while back, but decide to post here, just in case some of the staffs pass by :)

    The most recently played widget for wp would be great !



    People have been asking for this for so long now, I have to wonder whether the deal with Sonific tied wordpress into not using any other music-related widgets?


    I want widget on!!



    Yes, and have you send a feedback to staff with your request and reasons supporting the request??




    I think that playlist widget would be best



    Please send you new feature request in to staff during weekdays and during support hours using this link.
    When making your request please include a link to the widget you are requesting as well as your reasons for requesting it.



    Well, whoever says you can’t add because of Java, or HTML, or any other widget is just not knowing what he or she is talking about, and it does not matter if it is a blogger or the owner of the damn WordPress. I have been developing websites for 10 years, and if the staff here is not competent enough to allow java AND still protect THEIR butt, well guess what it is not my business.

    Do like me, got to Blogger. I spent 1 hour figuring out everything I can’t do here, and it took me 1 minute to add widget with all the java it contains on Blogger.

    Bottom line, the problem is not, it is not you, it is not me, it is not java, it is WordPress!



    It’s not wordpress so stop wining as a small child. The problem are lamers that do everything they can to exploit some hidden vulnerability . I hate blogger for the 125135531535 spam blogs and idiotic myspace like layouts.



    repost: I actually sent a feedback to forum about this widget, so far no answer yet. I’m hoping it will be added as well.

    On the contrary, I think also has a nice widget, I’m using it but I only put a direct link to the player. Try it.



    I’ve wished for this for a while, but recently discovered the rss feeds on lastfm as an alternative. It works for me…



    Thanks for posting this. :)



    Some people are using the style chart instead of rss feeds, it’s widgetized-looking feeds anyways. Not bad tho.



    That’s what I use on my blog.

    I’ve sent several feedbacks requesting a widget without acknoledgement or response.

    The dedicated lack of communication here is puzzling, but given the prolonged and intense silence on this issue it looks like a resolute policy decision to support widgets on but not

    In the meantime, do playlist displays. They’re not dynamically updated, but they look better than’s and they will play individual songs directly.

    You can see an example here:

    That example of mine is posted on a blog page. I haven’t tried shrinking it to fit a sidebar, at least not yet.

    Maybe I’m still faintly hoping that aren’t really quite as deaf on this request as they currently seem determined to appear, and are busy fixing it right now … or even tomorrow (lol).



    I’ve sent several feedbacks requesting a widget without acknoledgement or response. only has one support guy, who has to field everything coming in from the support tab, the ‘report this blog’ tabs, the contact form, the support email address, and quite frequently people being forwarded from these forums. That’s technical glitches, splogs, ToS violations, and user-generated drama. I very much doubt he even knows what the status is on a widget.

    Basically, they don’t have the time to pay attention to widget or theme requests. As for .org support, that’s third-party and nothing to do with Automattic. The same goes for widgets as for themes; if you really want it, you’re going to have to switch to .org.



    Mark does a fabulous job, I agree.

    The thread above contains seven instances where people have been told, more or less, ‘please send a feedback, and your request will be noted.’ There are other threads which say exactly the same thing and that’s a little optimistic.

    A fairer response might be:

    ‘Thanks for the idea, which a fair few other people have suggested. Unfortunately, it’s not possible right now, and unlikely to reach our radar any time soon since we’re way too busy.’

    ‘In the meantime, there are some reasonable alternatives listed in this thread.’

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