Suggest me a name that will represent and explain my blog

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    Hi All,

    I have been blogging since last one year and now i want to switch to But I am unable to find a good name for my blog, a name that would be self sufficient to explain the idea of my blog. And i need your help, if you can suggest me some name .

    A few words to explain what I want my blog to be

    It would be a very general blog, not a specialized journal.
    The contents will be on various topics which may vary from travel, culture, views on current affairs, spirituality, business, books etc.
    It won’t be any truth revealing blog (like Tehelka), but will contain an analysis of whatever is happening in the society.
    The target would be the general blog reader.

    In short I can say:

    It would contain my view on the happenings or we can say current affairs.
    My thoughts would be reflected in the blog. I want to share my thoughts that most of the time I don’t find anyone to share, like the things that come to my mind when I read a book, my personal feelings and experiences in my day to day life, entrepreneurship, social activities etc.
    So I can say the blog would be a reflection of my mind.



    a reflection of my mind.

    there you go, a blog name!

    a bit tricky asking people to help you pick a blog name, as it is most unlikely to appeal to you because of our lack of background knowledge abt you and your blog.

    just tinkle with names, change it as you please. when you have one you really like you’ll stick with it fine. i went through many blog names before i came up with my current one. not the best, but it’s unique!



    what is your blog subject?
    you can create more blogs not just one

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