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    Never having been involved with a blog until now, what fields would you suggest I add to my database table “Blog” I don’t need all the info about varchar, etc. Just some suggested fields like “topic” but what else?



    I’m going to take a guess here and say that you’re not hosted here at since we don’t have access to the databases. If you are hosted elsewhere then you’re using different software and our answers wouldn’t apply. You need to be over at

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    Man. That sticky doesn’t seem to be doing much good…Maybe the .org/.com difference needs to be permanently written at the top of the “post a new topic in this forum” form?

    (No offense meant to photolady, you’re just one of a long string of people who’ve ended up in the wrong place–good luck with your blog!)



    <i>Maybe the .org/.com difference needs to be permanently written at the top of the “post a new topic in this forum” form?</i>

    I’ve put in feedback about that before, I suggest more people do the same.

    It is a pretty big frustration causer.



    There are equally people who post to .org and get sent here.
    There are people who use the Support Form and should not.

    There may well be a few people who make the mistakes but there is very little that can be done. When people are seeking help and are confused they generally fail to see pointers – even sometimes basic ones.

    If 100 people today came here and realised they had the wrong forum then just 1 person posting like this represents 1% – and that’s not many. We’ve all posted wrongly somewhere at some time – and if you haven’t it will happen :)



    Of course then we get *cough*holes like this one. *sigh*

    edit: That’s the main reason why I don’t make mention of what hosting company I own and run in case anyone is interested.



    @drmike: eep. I’m so sorry. And you don’t get paid to take this, do you?

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