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    I’ve got a suggestion for the comment reply function.

    First I want to tell you why…
    The “problem” is the following: I’ve got many E-Mail followers who receive the articles per E-Mail. And in every article (in the E-Mail) there is a line above “send a reply by answering to this article” (or something like that).
    But many of my readers (I think everybody) doesn’t know that their answer will be send as a comment live on the web! And that’s really a big problem. Because many readers think they write a personal E-Mail to me but not that they send a comment through this function…

    So my suggested idea is this – and I think it’s not too hard to implement it:
    That there will be a simple option to deactivate the comment reply function! Because at the moment there’s no option to deactivate it.

    I think that this will save many problems and misunderstandings for many bloggers and readers!

    Please consider it…

    Best regards,

    The blog I need help with is



    I meant the comment reply via E-Mail:

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