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    I would like a method to have email or the mobile post tool configured to post only in “draft” mode under a registered account that doesn’t have a blog.

    I’ve setup up a “contributor” account. The contributors are users that add one or two posts per year. They need a quick method for adding information which goes through an editor/administrator process before it gets published. Today, they are emailing me. Because of the variety of tools used (Microsoft mostly), cut & paste puts so much extra formatting stuff that I have to clean out to keep the content down a burned feed delivery via email.

    Not an option to run our own version of WordPress at this time.



    I politely point out that if the option to run WordPress themselves is the best one available, that’s what I tell folks. I’m not going to lie to people. Sorry if that offends you.

    I can see posting via some sort of mobile tool as we have folks doing it currently. Some are using Flickr’s mobile system to do so.

    You would either have to do that or see if your phone has a method of working with the Blogger, MetaWeblog or MovableType APIs. WordPress can use those to make posts. Just point it at and log in with their username and password of the contributor account.

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