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    I really really like the theme Hum, which appears to be a variant of Twenty Eleven. I like the comment balloon that appears next to post articles, and I like having the search box in the title area. I also like the way this theme separates the posts into individual “sheets” as you scroll through, making it easier to discern the end of one post and the start of the next.

    But as much as I like it, I end up not using it for two reasons: (1) I prefer non-responsive layouts such as in Twenty Ten and Contempt, and (2) The widget & title sidebar in Hum is a little large for me.

    I would like to see a theme that blends some of the popular features of Twenty Ten and Contempt with some of the cool features of Hum.

    • Comment balloons next to post titles (e.g. Hum, Twenty Eleven)
    • Posts separated by color into separate “sheets” (e.g. Hum)
    • Search box in Title area (e.g. Hum, Twenty Eleven)
    • Fixed width / non-resizing (e.g. Twenty Ten, Contempt)
    • Small / narrow sidebar (e.g. Twenty Ten, Contempt)

    Note: The “How to use the Themes Forum” sticky requests a theme name and a link to view the theme when posting suggestions for new themes. I don’t quite understand this, since the theme I’m suggesting doesn’t exist, which is after all why I’m suggesting it. :-P



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