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Suggesting Connections Reloaded

  1. Hello,

    I would like to suggest my theme Connections Reloaded to be added to


    It works perfectly with WP2 as can be seen on my demo blog.

    If users feel the same please do support this post :)

  2. <humour>Boy, talk about promoting yourself. :)</humour>

  3. your demo blog points to the real Connection theme, your main weblog seems to have the Connection reloaded theme. It's just the matter of changing the sidebar to the left side, right?

    However, I would not suggest the theme that's modified by myself unless if I've fully made the whole theme by myself, for the example, my main weblog is modification of Plain Vanilla by Chetan Kunte, still I'd like team to add the original theme, not a modification one anyway :)

    just my opinion only.

  4. Actually I think that it would be cool. Both appear to be GPL'ed. I even like how he provided a link to the original version of the theme. (That's a gray area to some within the open source community. They think that being a fork of a project means that they don't have to link)


  5. In case you haven't noticed, I haven't made connections Reloaded by just changing the sidebar from the right to the left.

    This link
    tells of all the changes that have been incorporated in the very first version of Connections Reloaded.
    tells how the updates since the first release.

    And I don't see why should I not promote this theme?

    Additionally, my demoblog is running Connections Reloaded.
    My personal blog is a customized version of Connections Reloaded.

    Lastly, I don't see why I shouldn't credit the author for her theme Connections.

  6. I don't see why should I not promote this theme?

    I don't know, it's a good suggestion as it's up to you to suggest, my opinion is only an opinion :) If connections reloaded provides the "edit current theme" as what kubrick and regulus have, then it'll be better. I think.

  7. That is something I have got on hand in the next version of Connections Reloaded.
    I guess I should work on making a Connections Reloaded for ??
    So any guidelines on where I dig up this information?

  8. And I don't see why should I not promote this theme?

    Please note the humour tags on my post. I personally have no issue with such a suggestion, even in fact I welcome them. I offer WordPress support with my hosting and was not aware of your theme. (Last count was I had 47 in our install.)

    I plan to add yours (and about 8 more) when I do our upgrading to 2.0.1 next week.

    As to your quesdtion but what you have to do, I'd just go ahead and drop a feedback from your deashboard and ask the admin while explaining that you are, in fact, the developer of said theme. To my knowledge, there are no guidelines on what is required and all the themese have been editer in some manner by the admin before rollout. I would think that they would be to take in account the method of how they do their installs.

    Sorry I couldn't help more.


  9. Thanks for the suggestion drmike.

    Glad to know you plan on adding my theme to the hosting you offer.

    Will try using the feedback again so let us see if someone responds :)

  10. Have released v1.5 of the theme.

    The related post is here .

    Main addition is complete support for WordPress Widgets and cross compatibility across all the current versions of WordPress.


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