Suggestion: Add a “wget” tab to the image part of WP-2.0 post

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    The current WP-2.0 post is amazing. I like the “Upload” and “Browse All” tabs down below. They are great. I have an improvement suggestion.

    How about a “Grab” tab – that you can use to insert a URL to an image on the web, give it a local name to store it as (optional) – and then have it use wget or a similar grabbing process to snag the image for you?

    I currently use lr2ImageSnag to easily post little title images to my posts – it works great, and uses wget. I think that integrating that same kind of auto-grabber to WordPress would be wonderful. In a future release, I would probably want to add in the ability to specify what size to resize images you snag to (using ImageMagik… etc)

    I am a C++/Java programmer, and I’m picking up PHP pretty easily. Would it be possible to make a plugin that would add an additional tab like I am talking about? Any place you can point me to get me started?


    I think you are look for the Support forum. These are the forums for blogs hosted on



    Unfortunely, the use of wget is a security risk. It’s one of the first things I turn off access to when I take over a new box. It’s actually on the setup instructions for Direct Admin and most other linux control panels I believe. I know it’s on the recommended list over at ev1servers as well as other box hosters.

    Plus then we have the issue of copyright.

    Good idea but I seriously doubt it would happen.

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