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Suggestion - Bluebadge Widget

  1. A suggestion for this widget. It's a little box in which one can enter pictures of things they are wishing for, particularly like, books currently reading, etc. Pretty please......

  2. Staff has asked all feature requests be sent into them via feedback on your dashboard. You get brownie points if you give the reasons why you'd like to see a feature added.


  3. Thanks. Feedback sent.

  4. You could always do something like that as a text widget.

  5. Says you can use RSS as well:

  6. Hey guys, yeah you can do RSS and Flash widget. The lastest though is a list of smart links. Take a look please:

    [Removed links so not to confuse folks - drmike]

    This requires JavaScript. Whats cool though is once you install this in the sidebar, you can just send stuff to it from many websites. Here is the sample from our blog:

    [Removed links so not to confuse folks - drmike]


  7. Um, no.

    You can't use Flash or javascript here at ONLY the plain HTML will work here; this is not the same as independently hosted blogs using WordPress software.

  8. Right, unless its directly integrated like Snap for example.


  9. P.S. How would you do a text widget which dynamically changes?


  10. The comparison of Smartlinks with Snap, while technically useful, does Smartlinks an injustice. I loathe Snap, but would like to be able to use Smartlinks.

  11. Alex, I don't think we have widgets that dynamically change at all here. What we do have is images hosted elsewhere and the image is changed dynamically at the source, such as in the whosamongus or weather pixie widgets.

  12. Thanks Andrew :)

    SmartLinks are very different indeed, they are useful, contextual shortcuts. We could probably do the image trick like MyBlog log, but thats not where the power of SmartLinks comes from. To launch shortcuts, we need to have JavaScript.


  13. Removed links as they were to off site wordpress blog so not to confuse folks around here.

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