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Suggestion: Custom Image Header on Unsleepable

  1. Currently, in Unsleepable, the "header image" is my blog title. Would it be difficult to implement the function of replacing that with a custom header, such as a transparent .gif header that complements the theme better?

  2. Seems that you are using K2 on the blog linked in your user name, not Unsleepable.

    Anyway - the folks at like to stay true to the theme author's original theme, so I doubt they would make that change. If you know CSS, you could do it yourself, though.

  3. Yes, right now I am, but I meant in general, not "as this moment", although I see how it could be perceived as that.

    The theme author's original theme allows you to change the header, as seen here.

  4. Well, then you would have to get wp to update the theme. And they don't do that very often, either :(

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