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Suggestion for a new theme

  1. Hi ^^
    I would like to suggest "Cancerbox’s Horizon" theme for WP:

    demo link:

    I would recommend this theme because it is very minimal, has a significant visual impact and I find it perfect for people like me who are looking for a theme for a photoblog.

    I hope to consider this suggestion

    Thank you and good job.


  2. no news, good news? :-)

  3. Staff will have to review it. Then if they decide to add it, they first have to tear the theme apart and make sure there are no errors or security issues with it. If there are they have to be fixed and tested. They also have to modify the theme so that it will work here on this special version of wordpress and within the restrictions here. They also have to add all the stuff that is unique to wordpress.COM.

    It won't happen in a day. Perhaps a month or two or three or...

  4. I would like to see Constructor theme uploaded in my dashboard. Also there are very few themes with fluid width with custom header, custom background and custom colors, suitable for larger images /larger than 700 pixels/. The only one is Andrea. All new themes are narrow :(

  5. @thesacredpath: thx :-)

  6. @metal666blade
    Staff have asked that we provide a link to the theme we request and also a reason for requesting it. See here >

  7. Here's a link to Constructor -
    Why this theme? Because IMHO it's the best wordpress theme ever made!With lot of functions and layouts and colors. I hope that one day I see it among the other themes :)

  8. Hi^^
    I have a question, if the theme will be approved, will be announced in this topic or in announcement of update of the list of themes.

    Thx :)

  9. If the theme is approved, it will be announced on

  10. thank you very much! :)

  11. You're welcome!

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