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    I have searched through dozens of Themes looking for one to use here that has the following items.

    Alba (header and titles) with Bradley Hand for paragraph’s
    Franklin Gothic Book (headers and titles) with Monotype Corsiva for paragraph’s

    I would like one that has more of a “handwriting” look with bold headers and titles for contrast

    As for the rest of the look I really like the Twenty Ten Theme I have so if either of these Font changes could be made that would be perfect.

    If one exsists and anyone knows the name please let me know so I can check it out.

    Thanks :)

    The blog I need help with is


    See here why you won’t find such a theme:

    In any theme, you can use unusual fonts via Typekit.



    Searches for the listed fonts of Typekit Fonts library of fonts produces null results.



    @ Pana…sorry, my bad. I guess I didn’t make that to clear. I didn’t mean those specific Fonts. I was suggesting or asking about the possibility of any font that has more of a “handwritten” look to it as well as one that is more stylized for Headers (not so blocky looking) I listed those only because most people have them on their systems already so they could look to see what I was talking about.

    I have tried to make the typekit fonts work with the 2010 theme but have not had any luck for some reason, and I don’t want to mess with the CSS, so I was hoping maybe to find an alternative of some sort that would blend with what I would like and what they can do.

    But Thanks.


    @tfockler60: You’re welcome. I can help with Typekit, if you wish: just tell me what exactly you’d like to change in 2010.



    I work as a librarian, so many of the themes provided in WordPress are bored. Can someone could create a different theme? Like we can personalize it with books, cliparts around …, so the student (K-6th grade) could find it more attractive to visit.


    @basilin, many themes here offer custom headers, and you can also put images and such into text widgets and the image widgets in the sidebars of any blog here.

    You can also customize the look of any theme here with the paid CSS upgrade but it does require that you have CSS editing experience in order to do that.

    Also, most of the new themes that have been released here over the past couple months have customizable backgrounds colors and images that you can change from within the dashboard under appearance > theme options. You can get a list of those by going to appearance > themes and click on the “feature filter” link to the right of the search box and select “custom background” and click “filter.”




    Well I would like to change the font in 2010’s Paragraphs to one with more of a “handwritten” look, simular to what you get with “Bradley Hand (TC)” in MS, Word.

    I joined the TypeKit site and followed all the directions for adding fonts to 2010 but I just can’t seem to make it work for some reason. (I have the free account btw).

    If you could walk me through the process for making this change that would be great! It is the only thing that has just driven me crazy and had me pounding my head on the keyboard. o.O and I am running out of asprin fast! LOL



    @ panag

    OK…I just looked throught the library at TypeKit again and found the two I would like to use on my blog with the 2010 Theme.

    The first for Paragraphs is called: Tamarillo
    The Second for Headers is called: Coquette

    If you can teach me how to install these I would be very grateful. I just can’t seem to get it to work so I don’t know if I am just missing something or this is just not possible.

    Thanks in advance… :)




    sorry forgot the backslash above. o.O


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