Suggestion for basic primer on rights/copyrights/ what can be posted in a blog?

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    Hi there.
    I’ve been searching forums and FAQ for a really basic primer on netiquette / legal introductory info on rights, and can’t come up with anything under any key words I can think of. Can someone direct me to a really basic, helpful pointers list that answers things like:
    – can I usually excerpt from a site to my blog, if I include a link and I clearly indicate in quotes that it is not my writing?
    – can I indicate a photo attribute at the end of a blog post instead of immediately under a picture? (In my case I asked the photog., but normally can I do this?)
    I just migrated blog over here (to WP), and I notice in some entries from last November I did that – and I’m uncertain about legalese on that.
    Appreciate the help,



    That’s really a tough one as there’s really no such thing. A prefect example of what is currently going on with India and their government cutting off access to sites like and others. (As an aside, what’s really strange is that corporate connections like the company I contract out my tech support can see my servers and’s ones fine.)

    I would state though that for copyright, if you use someone else’s works or words, then you should give credit for it.

    Is it done though? Not really. I caught someone a few weeks ago here posting entire articles out of what looked like some sort of news site. I left them a comment saying that they should give a source and got back a very nasty email telling me that I should recognize stuff from the Onion and how they didn’t need to give a cite since “anyone with a clue would have recognized where it came from” (Cleaning that up of course) The Onion didn’t think much of them when I forwarded on their response to them. (I also host one of the editor’s personal sites so I had an ‘in’ on making the report)


    as far as citing, the convention is to blockquote (the indent button in the rich text editor), and and with a link to the source.

    the technical way to do it, if you’re using the raw editor is:
    <blockquote cite="">"text of quote"</blockquote>

    there’s some pretty comprehensive legal information over at EFF:



    Please note that this guide applies to people living in the US.

    Lisa doesn’t live in the US.


    riiiiight, i’m an idiot.



    Never said you were. You just have to realize that not everybody around here is just like you and you have to give answers that take that into account.


    no, i said i was ;)

    and yeah, you’re absolutely right.



    Hey you guys, that’s great, thanks for your taking the time to give comments, that’s helpful. And I will try the blockquoting next time.



    Best thing to remember is that if it appears that you’ve made an attempt to give credit where credit is due, you should be fine. At least for written text. Now, if you were to post a Star Wars movie, that would be a whole different situation.

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