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Suggestion for enhancement of header upload feature

  1. I would like to suggest adding the ability to choose a header image from the media library in addition to being able to upload it from your computer (unless I missed it or it is not available with any of the various themes used on the blogs I manage -- both of which are quite possible). It would be a very convenient enhancement for the bloggers who have recurring events or just a one-off special event to be able the change the header to reflect it. An added benefit would be to be able to change it back without having to upload the same image again, which results in having one image listed multiple times in the library unnecessarily.

    I don't have recurring events; I just like to switch my headers when the mood strikes. If I could do so without the hassle of having to go back to delete all the duplicate header images, I would love WordPress even more!

  2. I second this suggestion. For many, they might want to rotate their headers say by season or whatever, and being able to select from already uploaded images in the media library would be a welcome addition.

  3. Make that three. :-) I think I'll actually send the suggestion to staff, and I invite anyone interested to do that too:

  4. Oh wait... I already wrote to staff about 6 weeks ago, after seeing your response, TSP ;-)

  5. Make that four !

    I do believe that this Idea is the first one I have seen this year that may be able to achieve unanimous support from the user community, not that it matters as we don't have a vote, but Staff do take note of Ideas and this one is one I strongly support.

  6. Having recently went through the where the ?!@$%& did my header image to after changing Themes I Fifth This - was quite disappointed when I figured out this was not possible -

  7. LOL :D Maybe we need a thread for things that drive us crazy. I don't usually use foul language but I have in the case of this issue.

  8. When I was blogging here full time, I changed headers quite often, and when I was clearing out that old browser I found 6 copies of one header that I had edited and re-uploaded before I got it just right. Then I switched header images and later decided to go back to the older one and couldn't find it on my computer so I had to copy it from my media library and then re-upload it again.

    It doesn't seem like it would be that difficult for staff to add this capability.

  9. @airodyssey - That's so wacky! Before I posted, I searched for a similar post by b clicking the "Header" tag in the tag cloud on the forum page and ended up here: The link you provided didn't show on the first or second page which goes back 3 months. We even used the same words... weird.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who will find this useful. I was really shocked when I realized I couldn't grab a header from my library. I mean, I've known it for some time, but today I really needed that function to be in place, and its absence became even more apparent. It seems like such an obvious function. Since that other thread was closed, perhaps this new thread will get someone's attention back on the issue.

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