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Suggestion for New Forum

  1. Themes

    With the number of increasing posts that are theme specific (and for the right reason-more new themes!), it may be helpful for both users and Theme Teamers to corral these posts somehow.

    Just tossing that out there.

  2. Good idea!
    Good idea!
    May be also needed another forum for "Images not displaying" and similar topics.

  3. GREAT IDEA! I love being a BETA tester of newly introduced themes and would like to see all questions about Themes posted to a Themes Forum.

  4. I'll throw in a vote for this suggestion. Excellent idea!

  5. We don't have votes ... lol :D Corporate decison making doesn't operate on a democratic basis. However, Staff do take note of all suggestions made in the Ideas forum, and it's good to hear that you think you would benefit from such a Themes Forum too.

  6. You mean there isn't such a forum already? Great idea for there to be one.

  7. @ludusnaturae, there already is a forum for those kinds of things. It's smack at the top of the Forum front page and is called "Support". :)

    Seriously, though, given the frequency with which new themes are being released (I think we've had more new themes in the last two months than in the entire previous year*), I would find it helpful to find theme specific topics all in one place, not to mention having access to an RSS feed for those topics. Apparently some of you also think so.

    *This doesn't include Neutra, Dark Wood, Titan, Motion, Steira and Monochrome, all of which have been released in 2010 as well.

  8. @justjennifer
    I agree with you 100% and I strongly desire to see these issues with new themes separated and kept apart from the Support Forum threads.

  9. Seriously: It's a great idea. :-)

  10. So who is going to put it to staff in an email? Oh Jennifer where art thou?

  11. Every once in a while, I get this strange need for sleep. :)

    Email it is then.

  12. I agree, this is a terrific idea and will help people find what they need much faster. Also, since I never change themes, one less forum for me to bother with!

  13. I never change themes, one less forum for me to bother with!

    Check out my thread here. I guess the other Inuit Types users don't mind the change. :(

  14. Great idea!

    Having a themes forum is important for not only for you to discuss theme issues, but also gives us a place to announce changes and bug fixes.

  15. YAY! :)

  16. Double YAY!

    @lance- it definitely is a win/win idea for everyone. Thanks for listening to my suggestion. (Off to subscribe to the new forum's RSS feed right now!)

  17. OK then, since the sticky in the new forum is closed... I wanted to suggest also grabbing the most obvious existing forum threads and moving them to the Theme Forum.


  18. Sweet, = )

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