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    We have lots of events, so we would like to promote them and give the audience also an overview of what is coming up and when. Therefore I appreciate a widget similar to the “Events Calendar”-Plugin of for my blog. I am sure this is sought after also by many other bloggers on
    Thank you for considering this

    The blog I need help with is



    There already is the Google Calendar Widget that can be used in agenda or calendar mode.



    Thanks for the suggestion. Google Calendar Widget looks to be handy, nevertheless we would favour a genuine WP solution. Reasons:
    – more than 1 person administer the blog
    – we do not use yet Google Calendar (would be additional channel)
    – and particularly: possibility to link posts with calendar should be key feature (Post about a conference on 6 March, should be visible in the calendar)



    We’re having the same demand for a working calendar. We also would like to publish upcoming events, possibly with links to the blog’s posts. Google Calendar works to a certain extent: it allows multiple users to edit/add events but we’re having issues with the event time; even though everything looks sweet on the Google Calendar, it shows different time on the blog. I’ve checked the time zone on both calendar and blog, set them both to the same one (GMT+12 Auckland) but it still comes out with the wrong time. Check us out: ; the “Ghetto Blaster” gig at the Boiler Room should be from 10pm to 12am, but the blog displays different.

    A dedicated widget which allows multiple users to update the calendar would be perfect. Any suggestions?

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